Founded in 2005, the Edvard Grieg Society of Minnesota (EGSMN) promotes the study and performance of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and his Nordic counterparts. An advisory board plans and presents a season of concerts and related activities featuring a variety of outstanding musicians with the mission to promote the music of Edvard Grieg and other Nordic composers, past and present.

Each season is curated to feature local, national, and international composers and performers. A variety of musical genres from the Nordic songbook are included, broadening the scope of repertoire to include not only Grieg’s work, but also that of his contemporaries, as well as new sounds from Nordic composers and musicians at work today.

Edvard Grieg introduced the sound of the Nordics to the rest of the world. Norway House and EGSMN exist to bolster a continued appreciation for Norwegian and Nordic music.

Advisory Board

Jim Lewis | Chair

Nancy Sand Olson | Treasurer

Shirley Santoro

Peter Skjervold

Sonja Thompson

Maxine Houghton Wallin

Arlene Wollertson Wilson

Stacy Baehman

Carolyn Bliss

Sharon Carlson | Secretary

Melissa Culloton

Rolf Erdahl

William Halverson

Anna Hersey

A Program of Norway House

As a program of Norway House, the Edvard Grieg Society supports the artistic and cultural pillars of the mission to connect the United State to contemporary Norway. Other programs of Norway House include the Minnesota Peace Initiative and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce - Upper Midwest. Donations to Edvard Grieg Society of Minnesota may be made to Norway House, mentioning EGSMN in the Memo.