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Lady With A Stick - Inter-tribal: The Norwegian Experience

Kari Tauring is a musician, storyteller, and educator. Her identity as Norwegian American deepens in step with the timeline of her performances which she sometimes calls "Before Potatoes" (Bronze Age and Viking Era) and "After Potatoes" (Catholicism to Lefse). 

Identifying as Norwegian can really only come in the latter half of the "After Potatoes" period when Norway was finally winning independence. The struggles and relationship building of the Romantic period between districts and countries still has resonance in how we relate to one another today.

Ms. Tauring's family stories hold deep emotion around being Norwegian that hold lessons and healing for her today as she navigates the inter-tribal relationships of today's Scandinavian traditional culture bearers. This will be interesting, informative, and joyful.

$5 General Admission | Free Norway House Member