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Frith & Grith: Boundary Setting in Norse Tradition

  • Norway House 913 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55404 United States (map)

Two sessions of the same, two-hour course are being offered. Please select the registration button that corresponds to either the 2pm-4pm or 6pm-8pm session.

The Old Norse words, runes, and mythic examples for getting along, creating community, and organizing human interactions still hold a great deal of value today. What is healthy for the ingard? What is unhale and should be kept utgard? How do we address triggering situations in an ancient Nordic way?

This is an especially important workshop in this political climate where Nordic symbols and concepts, appropriated and distorted for fascism and white supremacist ideologies, are once again moving into the main stream culture. We will spend some time on deconstructing this appropriation and reconnecting to the healthy root culture that was plundered. Healing this öorlog is at the heart of Völva Stav practice.

Come learn the tools Gården Gates and Frigg's Hand developed by staff carrier, Kari Tauring to move these concepts into practice.

Healing öorlog

Suggested reading: We Are Our Deeds, by Eric Wodening

Runes to study: Gifu, Nauthiz, Mannaz

GENERAL: $20  |  MEMBERS: $15

Photo by Eli Solheim

Photo by Eli Solheim


Kari Tauring is a Minneapolis based Nordic folk musician, dancer, and storyteller and author of “The Runes: A Deeper Journey”. A volva in Old Norse, she “carries the staff” of spiritual tradition within the folkway of her Nordic ancestry through performance, education, and authorship. She grew up in a Norwegian family in Minnesota with summers spent with extended family in Wisconsin. Kari combines deep scholarship and personal practice to create new interpretations of what it means to be Nordic. Called “innovative folk” music, Tauring gives modern relevance to the ancient poems and songs that inspire her.

Kari played original folk music in the Twin Cities and around the Midwest from the early 1990’s. From 1999 – 2006 she produced large scale Winter Solstice celebrations with original music, dancers, puppets, and visual artists. She has several recordings and parts of these celebrations can be seen on youtube etc.

Her early studies of Runes and ancient texts about them (1989) began making their way into her musical life in 2003 as she began reconstructing the staff carrying women’s traditions of her Norwegian heritage. Using the staff and stick for chanting runes is at the center of  Völva Stav is her original work aligning the body and its processes with the world tree and its many inhabitants. The use of staff rhythm for journey and rune expression, and the dovetailing of rune postures within Nordic movement is unique, profound, and well received around the world.

Kari began studying Scandinavian folk dance in 2006 and putting rune postures to traditional Scandinavian folk dances sparked her programs in Nordic Roots Dance in 2011. She continues to dance in performance groups, teach runes in the dance workshops, and connect the very ancient to the very modern through the threads of these folk ways.