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Freyr and Idunna: Norse Gods, Vegan Bundt Cake, and More

  • Norway House 913 E Franklin Ave Minneapolis (map)

This class celebrates the fall harvest with Norse gods, grains and apples, vegan bundt cake, and story-telling. Kari will lead the class in teaching how to make an apple vegan bundt cake--in celebration of our Nordic Ware Bundt Cake exhibit--while learning about the importance of GormánuðurGormánuður is known as ‘Winter Night’ on the Primstav calendar and marked the time of fall harvest in preparation for the winter. This included everything from meat, grains, and produce. Learn all about this important time in the calendar year while enjoying our own fall harvest of apples and grains in the form of a vegan bundt cake with delicious samples at the end of the class. All are welcome!

A Bit of Background

By October, the grains are all in and its time to go to the apple orchards. October 14 on the Primstav calendar is called Winter Night and marked with a mitten. This start of winter was sacred all the way back into pagan times and the Old Norse name for it is Gormánuður. While translated to "Slaughter Month" during the Christian times, it is not a direct translation. Final slaughtering before the winter is done at this time and predictions about the harshness of winter could be made from observing the spleens of the animals killed. Aside from fresh meat there was freshly ground flour (associated with Freyr) and freshly picked apples (associated with Idunna). A rare and decadent sweetener, honey, is added to the mix - now it's a party!