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SAMI DREAMS: Conversations with Modern-Day Sami

  • Norway House 913 East Franklin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55404 USA (map)

Header image: Kai Somby, heavy metal rocker, brought Sami roots into the contemporary music scene with "heavy joik."


Conversations with Modern-Day Sami
Photography by Randall Hyman

The Sami, northern Europe's only indigenous people, dream dreams few others fully understand. With shamanistic roots disrupted by nightmarish oppression, a present blessed by resiliency and growing political power, and a future confronted by climate change and lingering marginalization, these are the people, from poets to politicians, whose dreams will carry them forward.

Photographer and writer, Randall Hyman has traveled the globe on magazine assignments for nearly four decades covering natural history and travel topics from Northern Europe to South America to Asia to Africa. His photo essays and articles have appeared in Smithsonian, National Geographic Traveler, Discover, American History, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Huffington Post, Science, Wildlife Conservation, National Wildlife, British Heritage and various National Geographic books.

As a 2013 Fulbright Scholar in Norway and guest of the Norwegian Polar Institute, he covered field science, resource development and climate change in the Arctic for a number of organizations and publications. In 2015, he was the distinguished Josephine Patterson Albright Fellow of the Alicia Patterson Foundation, expanding on his coverage of Arctic climate change. He continues to focus on Arctic topics and lecture on polar climate change across the United States and Europe. Norway House is proud to host Hyman’s collection of portraits featuring the Norwegian Sami community as Norwegian-American audiences continue to contemplate contemporary Norwegian identities and politics in relationship to our own.