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Nordic Traditions in the Body, Mind, and Spirit (2020 Spring Sessions)

  • Norway House 913 E Franklin Ave Minneapolis (map)

Join our resident vølve (staff carrying woman) Kari Tauring for two Wednesdays per month. Learn and practice her unique approach to living in the Northlands.

Sessions begin with a welcome cup and Komme Alle, Kari's original invocation song and dance choreographed by Carol Sersland. To visualize this introduction, view a video of the song and dance:

All abilities. No experience necessary. Sessions are stand-alone. All are welcome.


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Komme Alle (Come Everyone) uses the Elder Futhark runes Ehol (also pron. Algiz meaning Elk and all antlered beings), Gifu (Reciprocity), and Mannaz (Community) sung as Mannaheim which is Human Home. This dance instructs us how to achieve community in a harsh Northern climate. Elk are Utgård, way up on the mountains, Reciprocity is Ingård Grith within the broader community, and True Community is what we bring into our homes, elders sit in the corner by the wood stove.

Stretching with the World Tree - Kari will help us visualize the nine mythic worlds within the body as we stretch. You will learn their names and what mythic characters inhabit them. See what runes your body makes naturally and how they connect to the cosmic tree.

Moving our bodies informs how we will walk or skate or ski in the coming months. How we move when we walk, skate, and ski is reflected in traditional Norwegian dance. And how we dance in the Northlands is informed by Ice, a rune from 160 ACE that all Minnesotans must treat with respect!

Session topics will focus on the seasons. We begin on the Winter Side of the Norwegian Primstav calendar and the symbol is a mitten. On the Old Norse calendar winter starts in October. What did our pioneer ancestors witness? What are we witnessing in the environment of Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Kari often uses staff and stick for rhythm when singing and in active meditation. She may engage this tool but the focus is on the body - our spine and arms are the only stav and tein we need!

Through song and dance in English, Norwegian, and Old Norse, through runes and stav, and through connection with Winter in a Northern climate, all people can learn to balance in a Nordic way!