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Pea Soup Thursday

Join Norway House as we practice the Finnish tradition of serving split pea soup on Thursday! Why Thursday you ask? We welcome you to learn more about this rich (and filling) history:

Finnish Pea Soup Traditions

The following content is provided by This Is Finland.

Pea soup goes way back in Finnish culinary history. According to Arja Hopsu-Neuvonen, development manager at Martat, a Finnish home economics organisation founded in 1899, pea soup may have played a part in Northern culinary circles as early as the Middle Ages.

The history of pea soup in Finland is closely connected with the arrival of Christianity.

“Preparing pea soup on Thursdays stems from the fasting orders of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages,” says Hopsu-Neuvonen. “Eating heavily on Thursday helped Catholics get through the fasting day on Friday.”

Traditionally consisting of peas with pork shank, onion and mustard, pea soup has several variations. Some cooks like to add carrots, others cream and minced meat.

But wait - there’s more? Find more delicious morsels of information about the Finnish traditions surrounding pea soup here.

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