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Spring Rommegrot Luncheon

The Rømmegrøt Luncheon is served family-style accompanied with simple open-faced sandwiches - hard salami or assorted cheeses. There will be cookies for dessert and plenty of strong, black coffee!

This fundraising event is offered by a fundraiser by the Alle Kvinner Mission.

Ticketing Information

$16.00 donation per adult
$7 children age 8-12
Free children under 8 

Advance tickets are requested and available -- while the supply lasts!
Mail by April 20, 2019 

  • For Pick-Up (during office hours)
    Please call the office.

  • For Mail Order
    Send check payable to "Mindekirken" to 924 E 21st St, Minneapolis MN 55404.
    Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope to have us mail the tickets out to you.
    Please write your PHONE NUMBER on the check, and RØMMEGRØT on the corner of the outer envelope.

Questions? Call Mindekirken office at 612-874-0716 or email to see if tickets are still available.

What is rømmegrøt?

Rømmegrøt is a rich, smooth cream porridge served with a drizzle of clear melted butter, then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  It’s a traditional Norwegian food served as a special treat several times a year.

To those who have attended one of Mindekirken’s popular Rømmegrøt Luncheons, you’ll likely hear “delicious”, “creamy”, “rich” or even…..“Norwegian heaven in a bowl!”