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Dr. John E. Haugo Matching Fund

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Bygdelagenes Fellesraad and Norway House are excited to be partnering in the upcoming expansion of the current Norway House campus. The expansion will include a research library, space, and classes needed to introduce genealogy to a new generation of researchers.

As part of a $500,000 gift, former president of Telelaget and current Norway House board member, Dr. John E. Haugo is matching all donations toward the library, up to $200,000, until May 5th, 2018!

As of today, Fellesraad and Bygdelag members have already given over $107,000 toward this goal, leaving $93,000 left to match! So close!

You can donate online by clicking the button below, or by sending a check with memo specifying "Genealogy Library."

Give today to help us get closer to this dream. With your help, Fellesraad and Norway House are proud to present a modern space that is accessible to all those interested in Norwegian genealogy research.


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