Norway House is happy to submit your event information to our Community Calendar as it connects the Norwegian-American community with Norwegian or Nordic Arts, Business, or Culture. Please use the form below submit your event to Ethan Bjelland, Social Media and Communications Coordinator. After you have submitted your information, please email any photos or documents to Ethan Bjelland at ebjelland@norwayhouse.org.

All event submissions must include a description, date and time, location, high-resolution image (1080p), and contact for the submission. You may need to submit additional photos by email for sponsor logos or biography headshots.

To view examples of event listings, click here.

Events will be posted within 10 business days.

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You may submit any length of text for use on the main event page. A shorter version of this text will be used for the Community Calendar listing. If you would like to choose what text appears in this shorter listing, take advantage of the corresponding field in this form. Events are formatted using our default formatting. Event text will be formatted by Ethan unless otherwise specified. If you would like to specify your formatting, use the following:

TITLE: Futura

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Our website automatically resizes and crops images to fit headers on the full event page, and icons on our community calendar page across various desktop sizes and mobile screens. Images with text may not easily fit within these parameters. Consider submitting an image that may be centered around a focal point for best use on our website and social media. We recommend high-resolution photos of 1080 pixels horizontally. Email or call Ethan Bjelland during business hours if you have questions about your image or if you’d like to see a test of your event before it becomes public. He will respond within 24 hours of your request.

You may want to include supporting images for your text, for example, a biography of the presenter or company or sponsor logos. These images may be emailed to Ethan Bjelland along with your header image.


If your event involves tickets to be sold through Norway House (pre-arranged with Max Stevenson, Director of Programming) or internal website links to other pages in Norway House’s website, Ethan Bjelland will do his best to include these links while posting your information. External links to research and/or informational or professional websites should be included in this form.

We can also post PDF images or include a form to collect relevant data, with respect to Norway House’s Privacy Policy. In-line videos from YouTube or Vimeo are also supported. Please email these links or document requests to Ethan Bjelland.

Listings will be posted within 10 business days. If you feel your event may have been overlooked or not posted in a timely manner, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ethan Bjelland for questions or more information. To arrange last-minute listings, please contact Ethan Bjelland or Max Stevenson as soon as possible to discuss options. Incomplete event information, including listings without an image submitted may not be posted. Norway House reserves the right to refuse posting events that do not fit with our mission, feature inappropriate language or content, or may not be of interest to visitors to our website. Norway House seeks to provide its visitors and constituents with safe, quality, and relevant events and content.

Ethan Bjelland
Social Media & Communications Coordinator

Norway House