A Nordic Home in the United States

Since we opened our doors in 2015, Norway House has been an important place for community gathering, cultural education, international business relationships, and the visual and performing arts. With contemporary Norwegian culture and values at the heart of all we do, Norway House has quickly become an epicenter for international activities in the United States as well as a convening place for local Norwegian organizations to call home.

Focused on the present
with a heart for Tradition

One-in-six Minnesotans claim Norwegian heritage and there are nearly 100 organizations serving Norwegian-American traditional interests in our state alone. A necessity to providing a physical space to reflect the enormity and importance Norway holds in Minnesota is certainly a driving factor in this expansion. Norway House has made it our mission to be in touch with Norway today. As generations change, and our audiences’ interests in Norway fall in an increasingly diverse array, we’re engaging a record number of patrons for an organization of our size—and the need is greater.

International Investments

Not only has the State of Minnesota recognized this need, but so has Norway. In 2017, Norway House was honored with a matching appropriation from Minnesota in the amount of $5 million. The Norwegian government answered the call in 2019 with an investment, and the King of Norway, His Majesty Harald V, has officially announced his patronage for the National Norwegian Center in America. Furthermore, each of the key components of the expansion—an events center, a soft landing spot for Norwegian businesses, and a genealogy library and media center—are supported by efforts and fundraising from Norway House programming committees, the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, and the Bygdelagenes Fellesraad.


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what’s inside the EXPANSION

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