A Soft-Landing Hub for
Norwegian Businesses in the UNITED STaTES


Home Abroad For Nordic Businesses

Since the beginning in 2004, a key part of our mission has been to support Norwegian business coming to the United States—to be a center for innovation and entrepreneurship and provide a platform and convening place for important meetings and professional networking and events. Norway House’s unique collaboration with the North Chapter of the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce has grown to necessitate more meeting and office spaces in the expanded campus. Even before the formal memorandum of understanding took effect at the beginning of 2019, Norway House and NACC-North’s respective boards forged important relationships with Norwegian health tech organizations, food and beverage companies, the Norwegian National Guard, numerous government officials and parties, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Norway.

Molding the Vision to Your Needs

The business world is ever changing and shifting with the innovation and needs of the global market. Norway House and NACC-North are working with our business partners abroad to sculpt the most effective and useful environment for Norwegian and American enterprises to give presentations, train and learn, host important meetings, and house temporary office spaces. Crucial discussions are happening right now to solidify the physical structure. With questions or comments, please call Christina Carleton, Executive Director, at (612) 767-5971 or email