Norway House wholeheartedly believes that an important part of making connections to contemporary Norway is understanding the past and making personal connections. Almost 17% of Minnesotans recognize Norwegian heritage in their family tree, so many people in the Norway House community are interested in learning more about their family history and connecting with others whose families immigrated from Norway. For these resources, Norway House partners with The Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad.


Fellesraad exists as the national council for the twenty-nine (currently active) affiliated Norwegian-American Bygdelag. Founded on November 17, 1916, the Fellesraad has been continuously active in the bygdelag movement for over one hundred years.

Fellesraad is an organization serving today's community of Americans having Norwegian ancestry. As such, Fellesraad strives to provide visitors to their website with the latest information on bygdelag activities, links to family search resources, helpful paths to respective regional web sites and connections to various genealogical helpers available for each region.

Most bygdelag have extensive resources to help with your search for ancestral family links originating within their regions of expertise. Long time cultural ties with Norway and traditions handed down through the families of most members envelope you in the rich customs of old Norway still carried on in today's family celebrations. Food, fun, entertainment and speakers on relevant current and past topics fill out the “Stevne” annual meetings of these groups. 


Bibliotek: The Genealogy Library
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To collect, protect, and archive the important historical documents and “Bygdebøker” that have amassed over a century of committed genealogical research, Norway House is partnering with The Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad to provide a Midwestern home for Norwegian-American ancestral research.

Make your lasting gift today to print a vital step forward for Norwegian cultural history in the United States.