There are plenty of opportunities to learn norsk in our community! The Twin Cities and greater Minnesota offer a wide range of linguistic and cultural opportunities for preschool, youth, adults, and families. Mindekirken, just across the parking lot from Norway House, hosts affordable and local programs for adults and families in the Twin Cities ages 12 and up. Our tenant partner, Concordia Language Villages, whose local offices can be found upstairs, on the second floor of the Albert Quie Education Center, provide immersion day camps, summer camps, and weekends across the gamut of ages and abilities.

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Mindekirken’s Norwegian Language and Culture Program (MNCLP) is a community which provides learners of many ages with opportunities to build and extend their linguistic and cultural knowledge of norsk and Norge through language, literature, and conversation classes, as well as a variety of other cultural classes and events. Browse through this overview of all of our language and cultural classes and events or search by category for the class that best meets your needs and interests.


Language Discovery PROGRAMS (1.5-11 years)

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BARNEHAGE at Norway House

Tussetroll(1.5-4 years, Parent/Child Classes)
Askeladden | (3-5 years, Drop-Off Classes)

Barnehage (Norwegian for “children’s garden”) surrounds children with the language and culture of Norway through music, dance, creative play, crafts, games, stories and food. All activities take place in a safe, supportive, fun environment - all in Norwegian! Barnehage is a unique foundational experience for life-long learners of Norwegian. The program is a natural precursor to Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village, a Norwegian language and culture immersion summer camp for young people ages 7 to 18.

Norge Rundt(4-11 years)

Norge Rundt is an extension of Barnehage, and is now offered for children ages 4-11. This is a wonderful opportunity for young children who can’t attend Barnehage during the school week, or Skogfjorden villagers who want to continue what they’ve begun during the summer. This class meets on one Saturday each month (10 a.m.-noon). Families can register for individual Saturdays or for a whole term. 


Twin Cities Day Camps are a great introduction to language, and a wonderful precursor to our overnight programs. These programs are held at various locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Utilizing our unique teaching methods, Twin Cities Day Camps include art, music, games and snacks to introduce the youngest learners to language and culture.


With a passport in hand, your child will join a whole new world of adventure at Skogfjorden, the authentic Norwegian Language Village! Norwegians love to explore — we’ve been doing it for centuries! Explore with us and see what you find: perhaps a message from the Vikings, a secret bålplass (campfire) for preparing pinnebrød (bread on a stick), a polar bear, the nøkken troll under a bridge, or perhaps even the largest paper clip you have ever seen!  Every day is different, but we’ll always be exploring. Most explorations happen outdoors, so come prepared — dressed to go anywhere at any time!


Skogfjorden - SUMMER PROGRAMS (8-18 Years)

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Skogfjorden, Concordia's Norwegian Language Village, offers summer programs for youth ages 7 to 18 at our site eight miles north of Bemidji, MN. Join us this summer to begin your Norwegian language learning adventure! Life at Skogfjorden is infused with Norwegian language and culture from the moment you wake up – participating in small language learning groups, cultural and camp activities, sports, dance, and song – until the close of the day. Skogfjorden offers 1-2 week village opportunities as well as month-long Folkehøgskole exploratory immersion and Videregåendeskole high school credit sessions. Bli med!


adult + Family Programs



Our language and cultural immersion programs offer an ideal opportunity to share an "international" experience together for a fraction of the cost of traveling abroad. The best part is simply being together in a beautiful setting where you can reinforce the importance of being a good citizen in our global community.

Invite grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles for an unforgettable family reunion! This is also an ideal way to prepare for a trip to Norway or to introduce your children to our summer program!

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A relaxing, Nordic cultural cabin weekend in the North Woods for participants aged 21+. Three themed getaway weekends throughout the year: Crime Mystery Weekend in March, a Fall Outdoor Adventure Weekend, and a Holiday Craft & Bake Weekend, just in time for Jul. Staff from Salolampi (Finnish), Skogfjorden (Norwegian), Skovsøen (Danish), and Sjölunden (Swedish) curate social and cultural activities and discussions for participants, and

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Exercising your Norwegian language skills–whether beginner or advanced–is central to our programs. The staff is eager to help you improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and learn new conversational skills. No matter how much or how little Norwegian you know when you arrive, we will work with you to make sure your skills have grown by leaps and bounds before the session is over. Dynamic presentations about literature, music, history and Vikings, fun activities and time to explore the woods enrich your Skogfjorden experience.