TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2019
5:00 PM


In the Newly Renovated Expansion - The Great Northern Ballroom!

The Midtsommer Gala Celebration is our annual signature event set near the summer solstice each year. The gala dinner features our Going Viking awards, where we honor Norwegian-Americans who have significantly advanced the quality of life for others through their adventuresome spirit and extraordinary accomplishments. The event also raises key funds that support all Norway House programs throughout the year. Join us this year as we reflect upon last year's accomplishments and look to the year's ahead.



Norwegian Midtsommer is a day to celebrate friendship, family, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Norwegian land and seascape. On this day, Norwegians head to the seaside or the cabin, build bonfires, and enjoy good food with friends. At Norway House, we celebrate Midtsommer with our annual Gala. We appreciate good food with good friends while supporting the work of Norway House.


Bob Hest,  Lofoten Dreams , Oil on Canvas, 50” x 66”

Bob Hest, Lofoten Dreams, Oil on Canvas, 50” x 66”



Once again, Norway House is proud to feature the work of Bob Hest as the official artwork for our 2019 Midtsommer Gala. Last year, a collection of Hest’s work titled, The Ballad of Daisy & Billy, graced the Gallery at Norway House, and became one of the most well-attended exhibits since Norway House opened. Yes, Lena, there are foxes in Lofoten was selected to represent the 2019 Midtsommer Gala, contributing bold colors and the iconic red fox to the evening’s decor.

This year’s artwork, Lofoten Dreams, echos the cloudy serenity and majestic purple luminescence typical of a midsummer hike through the floating mountains and fjords of coastal Norway, just as the sun dips in brief respite on a midsummer night.

To learn more about Bob Hest and his paintings and rugs visit www.bobhest.com