The Norway House | Minnesota Peace Initiative serves to raise awareness, educate, and foster engagement related to peace issues and peacemaking efforts worldwide.

Minnesota Peace Initiative programs feature prominent speakers, panels, and interactive experiences to achieve enlightening dialogue and inspire civic engagement. Past speakers have included former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik, President, Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights and Brian J. Atwood, Dean, Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

In addition to the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights -- U.S. Foundation, the Minnesota Peace Initiative collaborates with Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN), Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Sons of Norway, and Minnesota International Center.

The Minnesota Peace Initiative was founded in 2008 by Norway House Going Viking award winner, Janet Dolan and her husband, William Moore, who share a passion for this work.


Minnesota Peace Initiative Past Events


Fall 2017

MPI Water is Sick Social Media image.jpg

Minnesota Peace Initiative Presents: Our water is sick. And getting sicker.

We’re surrounded by water and can’t live without it. But our water is sick, and getting sicker every day.

Joining us will be three experts knowledgable in the science of water and its quality,to discuss the impending water crisis with us, including Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Ecotoxicology Research Program Leader at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Dr. John Downing, Director of the Sea Grant College Program and professor in the Departmment of Biology at the University of Minnesota, and Nancy Wallace, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program.

View PDFs of Our Water is Sick and Getting Sicker presentations by all three speakers!


Spring 2017

Russia: Friend, Foe, or...

Two Russia experts explore answers to the question, "Is Russia a friend, foe, or something else?" They say the challenges in the U.S.-Russia relationship are acute, the potential for miscommunication is rising, and the stakes are high.