Fall 2011

Dialogue for peace - Forum & expo

In Fall 2011, the Minnesota Peace Initiative put together a forum and expo on the topic of the promotion of peace efforts worldwide.

The forum brought together a group of six experts to discuss different efforts made to promote peace on a global scale.

The panel included:

  • Meredith McQuaid, the Dean of Global Programs and GPS Alliance at the University of Minnesota

  • Khadra Abdi, a Master of Public Policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs

  • Chingwell Mutombu, the founder of the First Step Initiative

  • Kathleen Graham, an International Human Rights & Development Consultant

  • Karlyn Eckman, a Senior Research Associate at the University of Minnesota

  • Susan Cornell Wilkes, Adventures in Giving

In addition to a forum, the Minnesota Peace Initiative also put together an expo to help interested individuals discover and connect with Minnesota non-profit organizations that help contribute to peace efforts and the empowerment of women and children affected by conflict throughout the world.

Expo Participants included:

  • Compatible Technology International

  • Friends of Ngong Road

  • Peace House Africa

  • Twin Cities Heifer International

  • Via International