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Walkin' In A Gingerbread Wonderland! - WCCO

Jennifer Mayerle and Mike Augustyniak from WCCO stopped by Norway House and became masters at making gingerbread houses. The two decorated a house together with coordinator, Heather Vick, and finished their masterpiece with a "WCCO" signature on the roof. Watch the video at:

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Gingerbread, Icing are Building Blocks of These Award-Winning Creations - Pioneer Press

Nancy Ngo, writer for the Twin Cities Pioneer Press featured the Norway House and our Gingerbread Wonderland which was favored among many. She writes that community members are, "Submitting gingerbread creations that looked artful as they looked delicious."

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Gingerbread Wonderland on Display at Norway House - Edina Magazine

Locals in Bergen, Norway have been constructing gingerbread replicas of their beloved city during the holidays since 1991. Thousands of bakers, sponsors and volunteers help build an entire gingerbread town every year including homes, boats and cars to local landmarks and internationally recognized buildings. This attraction known as Pepperkakebyen is claimed to be the largest gingerbread city in the world. It’s also the inspiration for Gingerbread Wonderland at Norway House.

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