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life can slow down a bit when you’re with friends.
it’s okay.


Simply put, a key part of Norwegian life involves a good cup of coffee and face-to-face contact. When we see each other again after a spell away, we hug and say, “Thanks for last time!” (Takk for sist!) We take the extra moment to remember our last meeting so we can pick up where we left off.

So it’s important that you have a cafe you and your friends can come back to again and again—a place to call your “meeting spot.” The Kaffebar at Norway House aims to be that spot. We love being a part of your (re)connections—your friends, colleagues, and families. So take a break, let life slow down a bit, and enjoy the beautiful people around you. And a good cup of coffee.



Let’s start at the very beginning—coffee. Great conversation begins with great coffee. Norway House partners with Peace Coffee in Minneapolis to ensure our grounds not only taste good, but are sustainably grown and roasted. Our black coffee roast is Peace Coffee and Ingebretsen’s Biking Viking signature blend. We offer all your favorite espresso drinks, as well as specialty coffees, teas, hot cocoa, and chai lattes. Push your palate a bit with our Tumeric Ginger Chai Latte or a caffeine free Red Espresso made with rooiboos tea. Enjoy Voss Water or Spring Grove Soda, or keep reading to learn about our adult beverage options.


We are excited to finally offer wine and beer options in our Kaffebar! House wines are only $5 all day. Bottle options and sparkling wines are also available. Norway House is happy to serve a selection of Bent Paddle beers made with Lake Superior water in our own Duluth, MN, so that everyone can find a beer they like.



The Kaffebar at Norway House features a concise, affordable, and expressly Nordic menu of sweet and savory lunch items. Norway House prides itself in being a strong partnering organization. Naturally, these partnerships extend to our Kaffebar. Common Roots Cafe, Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery, The DECO Catering, and Nordic Waffles are among the local contributions you’ll see on our menu.


Visit us for lunch!

  • Soup & Pasta Salad

  • Norwegian Open-Faced Sandwiches (Smørbrød)

  • Cookies, Buns, & other Nordic Baked Goods

  • Lefse & Gjetost

  • A Variety of Sweet & Savory Nordic Waffles

What in the world is a Nordic Waffle?

Waffles are a tradition in Norwegian culture and everyone knows how to make them. The tradition, however, is not just for breakfast, and seldom includes maple syrup. The thinner, more flavorful waffles can served more traditionally—with lingonberries and sour cream or gjetost, or as a subsitute for bread in a sandwich. Norwegian entrepreneur, Stine Aasland developed a simple yet, unique batter that many of her customers came to enjoy and request. Having Nordic Waffles prepared at convenient stores, created the opportunity for people to choose a snack or meal that is quick,  fresh, and only uses natural ingredients. Through all of her accomplishments with a very successful business in Norway and subsequent success in the United States, the popularity of her product has increased. Stine has become known as the "Waffle Queen" in Norway.

Norway House has proudly served Nordic Waffles since the beginning. Our selctions have grown from dessert waffles to include filling meal combinations like:

  • The Slammin’ Salmon Waffle

  • A Turkey Chipotle Club

  • All Day Breakfast Waffle with bacon, egg, and cheese


Questions or information about catering your event at Norway House?

Contact Manager, Jenna Papke at cafe@norwayhouse.org